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Healthier hair, without compromise

Trusted by hundreds of physicians, dermatologists and stylists nationwide, Nutrafol® is a safe and effective choice for healthier hair.

The evidence is piling up faster than the hair in your drain.

Our secret weapon is science. Plus, researchers, physicians, dermatologists and the newest clinical studies, like this one from the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, in which Nutrafol is proudly included.

See, we believe in science, and science believes in us, with over 700 physicians endorsing Nutrafol already. And that number, like the hair on the head of our clients, continues to grow everyday.

For Her

Run your hands through a brand new plan.

Nutrafol is 100% drug-free. With all-natural ingredients clinically shown to safely target the multiple causes of thinning. The difference is in the results - fuller, thicker, silkier, healthier hair from the inside out. And when everything's working well from within…look out!